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"Store137Noida" Not In Service Currently in view of current pandemic situation. Will update once we start accepting orders. Regret Inconvenience. -Refund Policy and related FAQ’s

1. Under what conditions does NetiBuy.Com issue refunds?

Refunds are issued by NetiBuy.Com only when,

the order was cancelled by the customer or NetiBuy.Com

the customer returned a product and requested for a refund

Returns are not applicable on all the products on Please refer to additional FAQ’s in this section.

2. How can I track the status of my refund after returning a product?

Once we have received the returned product, our team will verify the nature of the defect/damage. After validation we will send you an acknowledgement via SMS or mail to your registered contact details.

To know updated status of your refund you can call customer care helpline number. 

 3. How can I track the status of my refund after cancelling an order?

If your order is cancelled, then you will get acknowledgement via SMS to your registered mobile number or via email to your registered email ID.

To check the updated status of your refund you can call our 24x7 customer care number

 4. I've still not received the refund in my account even though NetiBuy.Com customer care says that they have processed the refund. Why?

If you have received a mail from us confirming your refund request then rest assured that we have initiated your refund request and are following up with the Banks for the same.

Sometimes banks take longer than the promised time to process the refund request internally. If this is the case, then kindly follow up with them for your pending refund after providing them the reference number/details given by NetiBuy.Com customer care.

5. How long will it take to process my refund if I opt for a refund after returning the product?

We will process your refund after receipt of the product by NetiBuy.Com or its Business Partner. 
You will get an email from NetiBuy.Com when your return in accepted and your refund is processed.

6. How and where will I receive my refund amount?

We initiate refund within a maximum of 4 working days after receipt of the product by us or our business partner. However, it may take up to 7-10 working days for the respective banks to process the refund and reflect in your credit/debit card statement or internet banking account. Please get in touch with your bank directly in case of any delays after the confirmation of refund by NetiBuy.Com.

If you have used a Gift Certificate/ Gift Voucher for placing the order, refund would be provided only in the form of a fresh Gift Certificate/ Gift Voucher of the same value. The same cannot be redeemed either in cash or cheque.

7. What are the timelines for refund.

Refunds on NetiBuy.Com are generally processed once every month in the second week of every month by Cheque in f/o of the User/Customer name as registered in our records.


8. Can I get a refund for a part of my order?

Yes. You can request refund for a part of your order if the order contains multiple sub-orders or products; e.g. if you have bought a pair of jeans and a shirt as two separate products then you can get a refund only for one of the product i.e. either the jeans or the shirt. However, if a product comprises multiple items as a bundle, the amount of individual items will not be refunded; e.g. if a bowl set comprising 4 bowls is bought by you, you cannot get refund for a single bowl.

9. I received my refund cheque; however my name is not as per the records. What should I do?

You should intimate us about the mistake by getting in touch with us via e-mail at or over phone at our 24x7 customer care number

Within a maximum of 10 working days of our receiving your intimation, we will dispatch you the fresh cheque in favour of the name as per your 'billing name' as per the order placed by you with us. If however the Billing name as per record of “NetiBuy.Com” is different from the name as per the request, you need to submit an affidavit in support of claim on account of change in “Payees Name”.

10. I wanted to return a product. Will NetiBuy.Com refund the courier charges?

Yes, absolutely. In case, you return the product via courier we advise you to use a reputed courier company which allows online consignment tracking. We will reimburse the courier freight charges @ 10% of your order value (with a minimum of Rs. 100) or a maximum of Rs. 750, whichever is lower. The refund of courier freight charges, if applicable, will be paid through cheque in favour of the 'billing name' provided at the time of placing the order or by issuing a NetiBuy.Com Gift Certificate/Voucher of the equivalent value. The courier charges will be reimbursed only after receipt of the product and upon confirmation by our business partner.

11. After, I have shipped the product or it has been collected from me, how do I track the refund of my money?

Once we have received the product back, our team will verify the nature of the claim basis which it has been returned. On validation of the claim, we will update you by sending a sms/e-mail to your registered details. You can also call our customer care number and check the status of your refund.

12. Are all products on eligible for refund?

Yes. Majorly all products on are eligible for a replacement/refunded subject to some exceptions listed below:

All Edible and Food Grade items( due to its perishable nature), Innerwear, lingerie, vests, briefs, trunks, socks, mittens, wristbands, cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, fashion accessories, contraceptives, flowers, furniture, bullion, precious jewellery –due to personal hygiene issues, remote-controlled toys and their accessories, and any free/complimentary items received with the main order.

13. How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel your order by getting in touch with us via e-mail at contact@NetiBuy.Com or over phone at our customer care number. If the order has not been shipped by our Business Partner, we will stop shipment and refund the entire order value, as applicable:

In case, the order that you had placed has been shipped by us but not yet delivered to you, you may still cancel the order by contacting us as mentioned above. Your refund will be processed by us as applicable, once the partner merchant receive the originally ordered product back from its courier / logistics partner and confirms the same to us.